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General PlumbingLeaking taps and toilets contribute to the cost of your water bills.
Just a slow drip can waste litres and litres of fresh, precious water every day that you end up paying for.

Why waste money? Did you know that your leaking tap or toilet could actually be costing you hundreds of dollars on your water bill?

If you have leaking, cracked or broken taps or toilet, call Everlast Plumbing now and we can help save your money from literally going down the drain.

Dripping taps can be annoying and costly. Our expert plumbers are only a call away from saving you from the frustration and costs that dripping taps can cause. Give us a call for prompt, expert service.

Residents and businesses in Sydney are becoming serious about the saving of water.

Did you know that a leaking tap or toilet can waste 20,000 litres of NSW’s precious water every year?

Imagine the impact on our water supply if every home or business with a leaking tap had it fixed!

You really can ‘do your bit’ for water saving by calling Everlast Plumbing and getting your leaks repaired. Call us now on 02 9153 0000 to save water and money.

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